The Chinese Communist Party is increasingly adapting its domestic coercive tactics to influence and interfere in foreign democratic countries. Find ASD’s work on the tools China uses—ranging from the weaponization of its economy to Beijing’s attempts to control global and domestic narratives—to interfere in democracies on this page.

Hamilton Toplines: January 23-31, 2021

The Russian embassy in Mexico’s Twitter account received uncharacteristically high engagement last week after a January 25 phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during which they discu [...]

By |February 2, 2021|

On 5G, Is Germany Selling Out Europe to China?

Senior Fellow Kristine Berzina moderated this GMF Face Off debate on the question "On 5G, is Germany selling out Europe to China?". She was joined by Reinhard Bütikofer (agree), a member of the European Parliament, Alliance 90/The Greens, and Julia [...]

By |January 27, 2021|

Hamilton Toplines: January 16-22, 2021

While the weekend’s protests against the detention of Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny upon his return to Russia fell outside of the week monitored, his arrest was accompanied by official statements characterizing Navalny as a criminal, crit [...]

By |January 26, 2021|

Hamilton Toplines: January 9-15, 2021

In response to tech platforms’ more aggressive content moderation in the wake of the capitol riots (including Facebook and Twitter banning President Trump), RT has drilled down on the narrative of censorship, with isolated examples from other Russia [...]

By |January 19, 2021|

Hamilton Toplines: December 12-18, 2020

Russian state media and diplomats sought to characterize the attribution of the SolarWinds hack that affected multiple U.S. government agencies and private sectors companies to Russia as part of the tradition of the United States blaming Russia for [...]

By |December 22, 2020|
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