• Press Enter to search at any time, searching an empty string or * will return all recent tweets 
  • Enclose any string with “” to search just that phrase
  • * and ? are wildcards. For example, elect* will return results that start with ‘elect’, such as elected, elector, and election. It can be used as
    • suffix (alpha* matches “alphanumeric” or “alphabetical”)
    • prefix (*elect matches “select” and “elect”)
    • infix  (non*al matches  “nonnumerical” and “nonsensical”)
  • + is an AND. ‘COVID19 + Vaccine’ will produce only results with both ‘COVID19’ and ‘Vaccine’ in them
  • | is an OR. ‘COVID19 | Vaccine’ will show results with either ‘COVID19’ or ‘Vaccine’ or both in them.
  • – is a NOT. ‘COVID19 -Vaccine’ will show results with ‘COVID19’  that do not also have ‘Vaccine’ in them.
  • ~ (and a space after) after a term allows for a fuzzy search.  “blue~” will show results with “blue”, “blues”, and “glue”.
  • ~ with a number after a term allows for a proximity search. “COVID19 Vaccine”~5 will return results where COVID19 and Vaccine occur  with 5 or fewer words between them
  • Field values can be specified inline – e.g. searching “Biden product:”German Election” ” will return results for Biden that only occur on the German Election Dashboard–be sure to enclose a single term with quotes 

Known Issues

  • Does not support text booleans (AND, OR, NOT). Please use the symbols above instead (+, |, -) 

The Hamilton and other dashboards’ ‘Tweet Text’ search and the Social Data Search may yield slightly different results for the same search phrase due to (1) how search terms are processed by the search algorithm; (2) The Social Data Search includes usernames, hashtags, countries and other text fields in its searchable text; and (3) different data update schedules. Generally, these differences should be minor. External links may not work when either a tweet or an account has been removed. Tweets have been translated from their original language to English; the original text may be viewed by clicking the relevant tweet to show additional information.

On July 13, 2023, X/Twitter removed access to its API for the Alliance for Securing Democracy’s Hamilton 2.0 dashboard, so no new Twitter data is being ingested. However, Social Data Search will remain as an archive of previously collected X/Twitter posts.

Search Archived Tweets

Press ‘Enter’ or ‘Search’ to search. Adding filters, including checkboxes and dates, requires a new search.


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