At this week’s Summit for Democracy, governments are expected to address how important countering disinformation and securing access to independent media are to democracy’s survival. Efforts to build and strengthen information resilience are taking place in democracies around the world, with more than 500 information-focused organizations in over 100 countries. 

To help understand the landscape of information integrity work, the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund, in partnership with the Governments of Canada and Latvia as part of the Summit for Democracy’s Information Integrity Cohort, is excited to launch the Information Integrity Map. This map is an interactive tool built on one of the most comprehensive databases of information integrity organizations. 

“There are so many organizations in the United States and across the globe working to defend against dis- and misinformation undermining our democracies, yet there is no existing catalog of these groups nor clearinghouse of best practices, resources, and tools. This map serves to kick-start a cataloging process by gathering lists of organizations and resources on information integrity,” said Laura Thornton, senior vice president of democracy at the German Marshall Fund. “We hope it can be a living platform to which organizations can contribute additional information and expand its coverage.”

The map includes 531 organizations working in 113 countries across four broad categories of activity: fact-checking and verification; media literacy and training; research and monitoring; and policy and standards. The webpage also includes a list of resources these organizations provide, such as trainings to improve community media literacy and tools to help journalists counter disinformation. The map and corresponding database allow users to identify information integrity organizations by category or by the country in which they operate, serving as a valuable resource for journalists, policymakers, and the broader public. 

Try out the map here: 

The map will be updated on an ongoing basis. To request an addition or to report an error, please email