ASD at GMF and the Cyber Collective are excited to announce our partnership to strengthen global cybersecurity and protect democracy. This collaboration is designed to bring research-backed, expert-verified information to the top of the algorithms of everyday technology users. 

ASD at GMF brings unparalleled expertise in countering foreign information manipulation and interference in democracies. ASD at GMF’s research and innovative tools focus on the next generation of threats and tactics that malign actors use to undermine confidence in democratic elections and deepen distrust in democratic governance and society.

Together, our organizations will inform, inspire, and empower tech users to understand how malicious actors are influencing the conversations within democracies through coordinated information operations. Those operations can include fake-content and state-backed propaganda that ultimately pop up on social media feeds and the internet at large without the user understanding its provenance or ultimate aim.


Our Goals

  • Amplify Research & Raise Awareness: Elevate ASD at GMF’s research and share actionable insights on how foreign actors exploit digital platforms to interfere in democratic processes, including ASD at GMF’s Information Laundromat tool.
  • Foster Critical Thinking: Inspire discussions and critical thinking around the intersection of cybersecurity, social media, and democracy, dispelling misconceptions and empowering individuals with accurate information.
  • Create Engaging Content: Develop engaging digital content and host events to spread awareness, share practical steps, and provide resources to influencers and communities.


Why This Matters

This election year, our joint efforts will focus on practical steps to help individuals and creators:

  • understand how information is laundered online and how to recognize it.
  • learn why foreign actors interfere in US information spaces and how that impacts everyone. 
  • address false or misleading information about elections, bolstering trust and transparency.

By amplifying this crucial research, we aim to create resilient information spaces where everyone can navigate the digital world with confidence.

This collaboration will be instrumental in creating actionable programs that inspire communities to protect their digital lives and understand the agency and autonomy they have in their online lives. By leveraging both organizations’ diverse expertise, we are setting the foundation for a safer, more secure, and better-informed society.

Join us in our mission to empower individuals and communities worldwide. Together, we can make the internet a safer place.

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