2022 US Midterm Elections

2022 US Midterm Elections2023-05-03T22:51:29-04:00

Our work on the 2022 US midterms

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Announcements We’re hiring! We’re looking for a program assistant to support ASD at GMF's day-to-day administration, including by preparing our weekly newsletter, coordinating events, and supporting our fundraising activities. Apply here!   We’re r [...]

November 10, 2022|By |

What to Watch: ASD at GMF Experts Weigh in on US 2022 Midterms

Tomorrow’s midterm elections will be a benchmark for the state of American democracy. As early voting surges, people around the country (and the world) are watching to see what happens in what is perhaps the most important midterm election in recent [...]

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