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ASD contributes long and short form research products and analysis to inform and engage our audience on a range of issues related to malign foreign interference. In addition, we develop policy recommendations and strategies to close vulnerabilities and safeguard institutions from authoritarian threats.

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |June 18, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take AI-powered systems generate modified content and advance digital forgeries that are harmful to American interests, said ASD Non-Resident Senior Fellow Clint Watts testifying before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The [...]

Italy’s Risky Realignment

By |June 13, 2019|Blog|

Every Italian learns about Marco Polo, a young merchant who left his native Venice in 1271, travelled to China, and returned home twenty-four years later with riches and treasure. Today, Italy’s government is betting that moving closer to Beijing wi [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |June 10, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take Political campaigns lack the necessary resources and expertise to defend against cyberattacks, ASD Director Laura Rosenberger said to the New York Times. The US-China “tech cold war” puts Europe in the middle, writes ASD Fellow for Emergin [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |June 4, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take Insight into the state of political affairs in Europe: ASD Senior Fellow Kristine Berzina appeared on Euronews’ Raw Politics to discuss the fallout from the recent Austrian political scandal and the latest developments related to the Europ [...]

European Elections Retrospective

By |June 3, 2019|Blog|

As results from last week’s European Parliament elections roll in, one thing is clear: traditional political parties that once commanded majorities across the Union’s member states suffered defeats of varying degrees of severity. Although not as mu [...]

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